Bud Williams (1932-2012)

FACS launches memorial fund for Williams

The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan has launched a fund in memory of Bud Williams, a world-renowned expert in low-stress handling methods for livestock.

The Bud Williams Memorial Fund will facilitate animal care and management seminars and clinics offered by FACS — a non-profit, industry-led organization that represents livestock and poultry producers.

"Bud had a way with animals. He studied animal behaviour in his everyday life. He never stopped learning and he never stopped teaching. He learned by solving problems other people couldn't, said Adele Buettner, executive director of FACS.

Williams died at his home in Independence, Kan., on November 25, 2012.

The idea for the fund came from FACS directors Duane Thompson and Bob Brickley. Both men met Williams during his visits to Saskatchewan when he led some of FACS' educational outreach activities for producers and others involved in the livestock industry.

The initiative is welcomed by Williams' widow, Eunice, who was a partner in all of his stockmanship teachings and research.

"Bud dedicated his life to learning first and then teaching. He shared his knowledge with as many people as possible because he believed effective stockmanship is integral to responsible animal care," said Eunice.

"Bud and I recognized the value of educational activities undertaken by FACS. I know he would be pleased that a memorial fund is established to support continued efforts by FACS to improve animal management."

For more information, contact Adele Buettner or visit the FACS website.
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