New to US: Dr. Daniel MacPhee

Reproductive science researcher Daniel MacPhee joined the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in August 2012, drawn from the Memorial University of Newfoundland's Faculty of Medicine to what he describes as an exciting research environment.

"I was impressed and excited about the research environment in reproductive science and medicine here at the U of S," he said. "It is an established group that has made some important discoveries."

MacPhee, with the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, has his lab set up and is recruiting graduate students to continue his work to learn more about how the uterus and placenta form and function during pregnancy.

He hopes the work, funded in part by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, will identify ways to predict when processes go awry –and in the process help protect the health and lives of both babies and mothers.

"Our work on stress proteins and other signaling proteins in these tissues has really excited us and holds great potential," he said.

The work also informs his teaching efforts in embryology, the subject that first attracted him to research.

"The thought that I could explore a research problem or fill in a gap of knowledge and try to make a difference in a research field or disease was, and still is, very appealing to me."

"New to US" highlights the work of new faculty at the University of Saskatchewan. This profile originally appeared in the May 10, 2013, issue of On Campus News.
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