Student Madeleine Friesen with her winning poster display. Photo by Jeanette Stewart.

Poster days celebrate student research

Students at the University of Saskatchewan had a chance to share their summer research findings at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine's annual Undergraduate Poster competition.

"This is a key program for the students, the faculty and the college," says WCVM Dean Dr. Douglas Freeman.

The 41 students who participated in the WCVM's summer research program shared their work through research posters displayed at the WCVM on Sept. 9 and 10. Entrants were evaluated by a team of judges, made up of volunteers including faculty and graduate students, on both how well their poster communicated their research science and how well they answered the judges' questions.

The competition challenges students to communicate their often-complex work to the public.

"It's really important to be able to explain your science simply," says Dr. Liz Snead, a WCVM professor of small animal medicine and an organizer of the poster day.

Judges from the WCVM reviewed the posters and selected the top three in three categories. First-place winners in each category received bursaries of $125 while second-place and third-place recipients received $100 and $75 prizes respectively.

Basic Sciences

    • First prize: Madeleine Friesen (supervisor: Dr. Elimer Simko). Poster title: "Effects of imidacloprid on the establishment of honey bee colonies from New Zealand package bees."

    • Second prize: Crystalyn Legg-St. Pierre (supervisor: Dr. Daniel MacPhee). Poster title: "Comparative analysis of NUCB2/nesfatin expression in the mammalian placenta."

    • Third prize: Kayla Nielsen (supervisor: Dr. Claire Card). Poster title: "Oxytocinase activity in serum and the tissues of mares."

Clinical Sciences

    • First prize: Chloe Rollack (supervisor: Dr. Joe Stookey). Poster title: "Behavioral response of bull calves following surgical castration with and without the use of meloxicam."

    • Second prize: Jessica Semper (supervisor: Dr. Trish Dowling). Poster title: "Establishing threshold concentrations of firocoxib in equine plasma and urine."

    • Third prize: Laura Hargreaves (supervisor: Dr. Suraj Unniappan). Poster title: "Is nesfatin-1 a glucose-responsive islet hormone in domestic animals?"


    • First prize: Beverly Morrison (supervisor: Dr. Joe Rubin). Poster title: "Antimicrobial resistant organisms from imported culinary reptiles and amphibians."

    • Second prize: Shannon Palmer (supervisor: Dr. Matthew Loewen). Poster title: "Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection causes macrophage infiltration and increased secretory phenotype in the small intestine."

    • Third prize: Jacqueline Harrison (supervisor: Dr. Baljit Singh). Poster title: "Effect of hypo- and hyper-thermic temperatures on equine neutrophil apoptosis in vitro."
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