Saskatchewan supports agriculture research

Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) have received more than $1.4 million from the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) to conduct a variety of studies focusing on livestock and forage research.

The U of S research projects are among 30 livestock and forage studies that received nearly $3.8 million in funding from the provincial government. Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart made the announcement on Jan. 21.

"The livestock and forage sectors each make important contributions to the growth and prosperity of our rural communities and economy, said Ritz. "Our government is proud to help producers increase their productivity and profitability through research and new innovations like vaccines and improvements in feed."

"Investments in research help keep our livestock industry growing and strong," Stewart said. "The knowledge that will result from the projects receiving funding will ensure our farmers and ranchers remain competitive into the future."

Here are more details about the WCVM-based research projects:

Ergot poisoning in ruminants: detecting ergot alkaloids in tissue and serum to diagnose individual cases of poisoning. Investigator: Ahmad Al-Dissi, WCVM Department of Veterinary Pathology. ADF funding: $115,568.

Optimizing calving outcomes in cow-calf herds through more effective management of micronutrient supplementation programs. Investigator: Dr. Cheryl Waldner, WCVM Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. ADF funding: $199,900. Additional funding from Alberta Beef Producers: $25,000.

Toe tip necrosis: using biomechanical testing and imaging techniques to investigate toe tip necrosis related claw lesions in feedlot cattle. Investigator: Dr. Murray Jelinski, WCVM Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. ADF funding: $59,000.

Cattle breeding: An assessment of the breeding potential of beef bulls using DNA genotyping. Investigator: Dr. Colin Palmer, WCVM Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. ADF funding: $34,080.

Controlling porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) by improving host resistance. Investigator: Dr. Matthew Loewen, WCVM Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences. ADF funding: $150,000.

Influenza A viruses: surveillance and characterization of influenza A viruses from western Canadian swine. Investigator: Dr. Susan Detmer, WCVM Department of Veterinary Pathology. ADF funding: $82,550.

PEDV: enhanced molecular diagnostics and validating genetic resistance to PEDV in pigs. Investigator: Dr. John Harding, WCVM Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. ADF funding: ADF funding: $50,000.

Bronchitis virus infection: control of infectious bronchitis virus infection and "shell-less egg syndrome" in the Saskatchewan table egg layer industry. Investigator: Dr. Susantha Gomis, WCVM Department of Veterinary Pathology. ADF funding: $230,000. Additional funding from Saskatchewan Egg Producers: $10,000.

Researchers at the Western Beef Development Centre, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Prairie Swine Centre also received funding through the ADF.

Support for the research projects is provided under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. A complete list of funded projects is available at
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