Horse Health Lines (Fall 2016) now online

The Fall 2016 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the Townsend Equine Health Research fund, is now online.

Inside this issue, you'll find the following stories plus much more:

• Dumonts double research dollars: Pat and Mark DuMont commit another $3000,000 to WCVM equine research.

• Making the cut in equine surgery: Resident Dr. Travis Smyth thrives in the challenging profession of equine surgery.

• Research quartet: Four equine research projects receive TEHRF's financial support for the 2016-17 year.

• Ticks in the mail: WCVM research shows that tick-borne diseases in Saskatchewan horses are still rare — but not as rare as everyone thought.

• Planning key to protecting horses' health: Dr. Chris Clark outlines basic principles that every owner can follow to protect their horses' health.

• New role pins Thomas to WCVM: Former TEHRF research fellow Dr. Keri Thomas is staying put at the WCVM as an assistant professor of large animal surgery.

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