Undergraduate poster day winner Erica Seebach works in the lab. Submitted photo.

Research the focus of student poster day

For the undergraduate students who spend their summers in the laboratory or out in field, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine's annual poster day event gives them a chance to bring their research to a broader audience.

This year more than 50 students participated in the annual Undergraduate Student Poster Day on Sept. 8, displaying a total of 35 posters.

Students prepare a poster based on their research work conducted between May and August. This year's event also included posters from groups of students who participated in the Global Vets and Veterinarians Without Borders-Vétérinaires sans frontières programs.

A team of judges reviewed the posters, awarding the top three posters in three categories. First place winners received $125 bursaries, second place winners received $100 and third place recipients received $75 prizes.

This year, the WCVM Research Office also awarded students who voluntarily participated in the "Pitch Your Research" video contest, a new competition that rewarded students' ability to explain their research in a short video presentation.

Basic Sciences/Microbiology/Reproductive Category

First prize: Brittany Davis (supervisor: Dr. Gregg Adams). Poster title: "Transrectal color flow Doppler ultrasonography to detect changes in blood flow associated with acute vaginitis in beef heifers."

Second prize: Ching Man Pang (supervisor: Dr. Cheryl Waldner). Poster title: "An agent-based dynamics model for analyzing association between antimicrobial use and the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in western Canadian feedlot."

Third prize: Erica Seebach (supervisor: Dr. Janet Hill). Poster title: "Differential tolerance of low pH and lactic acid may contribute to determining distribution and abundance of Gardnerella vaginalis subgroups in the vaginal microbiome."

Undergraduate research poster day winner Shawna Ellis spent her summer working with piglets. Photo by Shawna Ellis.

Clinical Sciences Category

First prize: Shawna Ellis (supervisor: Dr. Yolande Seddon). Poster title: "Identifying pain-specific behaviours in piglets."

Second prize: Jordyn DeWalt (supervisor: Dr. Monique Mayer). Poster title: "A retrospective study of canine nasal tumour patients treated with curative intent stereotactic radiation therapy."

Third prize: Jasmin Teske (supervisors: Dr. Baljit Singh and Jürgen Zentek of Germany). Poster title: "Piglet and sow hind gut bacterial metabolism before and after weaning."

Immunology/Toxicology/Parasitology Category

First prize: Claire Janse van Rensburg (supervisor: Dr. Elemir Simko). Poster title: "Do honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera) prefer feed contaminated with neonicotinoids?"

Second prize: Gwen Roy (supervisor: Dr. Christy Morrissey). Poster title: "Nematode parasites of white-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys)."

Third prize: Lauren Redies (supervisor: Dr. Susan Detmer). Poster title: "An emerging H1N2 sub-cluster within the alpha H1 cluster of influenza A viruses of swine."

Pitch Your Research competition

First prize: Lauren Redies (supervisor: Dr. Susan Detmer), $250. "Are flu vaccines actually effective in pigs?"

Second prize: Rebecca McOnie (supervisor: Drs. Stephen Manning and Kate Robinson), $150.

Third prize: Erica Seebach (supervisor: Dr. Janet Hill), $100.
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