Student Nicole Sereda has taken full advantage of research and extracurricular options at the WCVM. Photo by Kyrsten Stringer.

Possibilities take flight for WCVM student

Calgary student Nicole Sereda has made the most of opportunities available outside the classroom as a student at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).

Sereda is one of the students featured in the WCVM series "This is Veterinary School." 

Before coming to the WCVM, Nicole followed a soccer scholarship to the University of Texas where she completed a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences. She’s used to being far away from home, but what really helps to ease the distance between Saskatoon and Calgary are her friends at the WCVM. Sereda says her close group of friends-classmates are like family.

Sereda has an adventurous spirit when it comes to life and to learning. Working with exotic pets or wildlife could be a future option once she finishes her veterinary degree. Whatever happens, she’s appreciative of all the roads that her WCVM education will open up for her. 

One last detail about Sereda: she owns a little white parrotlet named Tiki who doesn’t like being rained on.

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