Student Sasha Ross with her poster. Photo by WCVM Today.

Research shines at student poster day

For two days each fall, the excitement and enthusiasm of the students who participate in the annual undergraduate research poster day can be heard throughout the second-floor hallways at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).

This year, 48 students participated in the Undergraduate Student Research Poster Days on Sept. 13 and 14, displaying a total of 38 posters.

Students prepare research posters based on their work conducted during the summer break. Students who participated in the Global Vets and Veterinarians Without Borders-Vétérinaires sans frontières programs also presented posters this year.

In addition to a team of judges made up of faculty members and graduate students, the undergraduate students also had a chance to practise their judging skills on the second day of the poster competition.

This year, judges awarded the top three posters in three categories. First place winners received $125 bursaries, second place winners received $100 and third place received $75.

Biomedical Sciences Category

First prize: Sean Lipsit (supervisor: Dr. Adelaine Leung). Poster title: “Complex formation through co-expression of psychiatric risk protein, DISC1, and its binding partner, GSK3b.”

Second prize: Alix Nelson (supervisor: Dr. Jaswant Singh). Poster title: “Ovulatory and luteal response in three-month old calves after kisspeptin-10 and GnRH treatment.”

Third prize: Esther Derksen (supervisor: Dr. Elemir Simko). Poster title: “In hive LD50 of thiamethoxam toxicity on developing honey bees (Apis mellifera).”

Clinical Sciences Category

First prize: Alexandra Focken (supervisor: Dr. Kevin Cosford). Poster title: “The effect of dexmedetomidine on glucoregulatory hormones in healthy cats.”

Second prize: Nicole Sereda (supervisor: Dr. Julia Montgomery). Poster title: “A comparison of the stability of blood D-lactate in sodium fluoride and serum blood tubes.”

Third prize (tie): Antonietta Moritz (supervisor Dr. Karen Machin). Poster title: “The effect of limited food access on lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) feather and serum corticosterone.”

Nicola Shaefer (supervisor: Dr. Yolande Seddon). Poster title: “Promoting play behaviour in piglets in a standard production environment.”

Microbiology Category

First prize: Sarah Vancuren (supervisor Dr. Janet Hill). Poster title: “A comparative genomic approach to explaining the enigmatic role of Gardnerella vaginalis in the vaginal microbiome.”

Second prize: Sasha Ross (supervisor Dr. Emily Jenkins). Poster title: “Wolverines as sentinels for parasites in the Arctic.”

Third prize: Jane Westendorf (supervisor Dr. Bruce Wobeser). Poster title: “Prevalence of papillomavirus in a unique feral horse herd.”



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