Bonnie Chu is an academic and a scientist at heart. Photo by Kyrsten Stringer.

Science background provides perfect basis for veterinary medicine

Bonnie Chu of Vancouver, B.C., has put her curious mind to use conducting research during veterinary school.

Chu is one of the students featured in the series "This is Veterinary School." 

Born and raised in Toronto, Ont., Bonnie completed a BSc degree in cellular molecular biology at the University of Toronto and then finished a master’s degree in zoology at the University of British Columbia. Now she’s pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Chu is an academic at heart, armed in the lab with an impressive curiosity and a sharp eye for details. Her fondness for fruit fly research stems back to her experience as a graduate student, and she’s excited to share that knowledge with other researchers at the WCVM.

Wherever her career takes her, Chu hopes to use her veterinary background to help increase awareness about the welfare and value of laboratory animals. 

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