Carolyn Cartwright, manger of the BJ Hughes Centre for Clinical Learning demonstrates Agnes with Dr. Joel Ballard (WCVM '19). Photo by Christina Weese.

Vetavision brings veterinary medicine to the community

On Sept. 27 and 28 the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) opened its doors to thousands of visitors during its popular student-run open house.

Vetavision, which occurs every two years, is a chance to feature some of the new and exciting updates to the regional veterinary college.

One of this year’s features was the WCVM’s BJ Hughes Centre for Clinical Learning — a hub for veterinary simulation at the college. It’s home to some of the college’s advanced simulation technologies, such as a life-sized calving simulator which allows students to practise techniques used to assist cows during difficult births.

A recent feature in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix details some of the ways students used simulation technologies in Vetavision demonstrations at this year’s event.

“Whether it’s the veterinary students or the general public, having realistic or anatomically correct models gives you a true learning experience,” Carolyn Cartwright, BJ Hughes Centre manager told The StarPhoenix. “They can actually learn all of that on a model in a safe environment before they have to worry about holding that wiggly puppy. It cements that learning.”

Read more about Vetavision and the BJ Hughes Centre for Clinical Learning at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

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