WCVM large animal medicine specialist Dr. Tiago Afonso (left) and WCVM resident Dr. Nicole van der Vossen examine a member of the college's teaching herd. Photo: Christina Weese.

Horse Health Lines (Fall 2021) now online

Equine cardiology research, equine obesity markers, reproduction, laminitis, parasites and safety around portable X-ray units are all topics covered in the Fall 2021 issue of Horse Health Lines.

By WCVM Today

The Fall 2021 issue of Horse Health Lines, news publication for the WCVM’s Townsend Equine Health Research Fund, is now online. You can also download the PDF or view the publication as part of the Fall 2021 issue of Canadian Horse Journal.

Here’s a quick look at the stories inside this issue:

Dual-degree vet earns equine award
The 2021 recipient of the Equine Foundation of Canada award is Dr. Jane Westendorf, who recently completed her DVM-MSc degrees at the WCVM.

Next phase in the war against worms
WCVM researchers are hoping to develop a better, more accurate way of detecting and diagnosing intestinal parasites in horses.

Cardiac drugs in comparison test
Ramipril versus benazepril: can you see the difference between these two ACE inhibitors? A WCVM research study is putting the two drugs to the test.

How well do you know your horse’s heart?
The heart is a critical organ in your horse’ body, but despite its important role, there’s still much to learn. Here are highlights from a recent WCVM EquineED Talk.

Safety vital near portable X-rays
Portable X-ray machines are invaluable tools in equine practice. But are veterinary workers adequately protecting themselves?

Putting laminitis on ice
Scientists and a Saskatoon-based biomedical engineering firm are developing a cool method to treat acute laminitis.

Cresty necks flag metabolic issues
A recent study found that horses with higher cresty neck scores (CNS) are more likely to have abnormal insulin metabolism.

Galloping Gazette
A round of the latest equine news at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).

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